Oct 17, 2019 / Jim Woodman

Is your website like a Medusa?

Let me guess. At the beginning, your website looked perfect—a work of art. You loved the new design and the future was bright.

Until—sure enough—it was time to add or update something.

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And then despite your best efforts, your website quickly turned into a Medusa-like beast—with scary offshoots and frighteningly mismatched fonts and styles. And now you live in fear of the next big organizational change because it will require you to do more snake-wrestling.

I have news: This is not your fault! Some websites aren’t built for change. (Which is a shame, because what good is a website that can’t support your organization as it grows?)

At Clearpeak, we build websites with Craft—a content management system that lets your site grow with visual consistency. This means:

  • Making updates and additions will be simple and easy.
  • It will be impossible to create anything resembling Medusa.
  • Your site will maintain the look you paid for originally!

With Craft, all content types are modular and pre-styled so you can't mess things up even if you wanted to. This means you can drag, drop and rearrange page elements—anywhere you want! You’ll have the ability to add:

  • Text
  • Headings
  • Pull quotes
  • Tabbed Content
  • Accordion Panels
  • Call Outs
  • Image galleries
  • News entries
  • Staff bios
  • Video

And anything else you can imagine for that matter. The flexibility is all yours! Learn more about why Craft will make your website a pleasure.

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With a Clearpeak website, you’ll always be able to add content, anywhere you want, and it will be pre-styled so it looks consistent throughout. This means your website will always look as good as it did on day one! Ready for a website that grows with you and is easy to update? One that protects your investment and maintains your design integrity? We can help.

—Jim Woodman
Founder & Director of User Experience


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