Aug 7, 2019 / Jim Woodman

Why can't updating my website be more like a trip to the spa?

You want a website that best reflects your organization—that means one that is up-to-date! Except somehow, updating your website feels less like a trip to the spa and more like a schlep to Ikea on a Saturday in August.

Craft CMS


Does this sound painfully familiar to you? Enter Craft CMS and the spa-like experience.

When we build you a website, we want you to have complete control and we want updates to be easy and fun for your staff. Whether you’re a library, academic institution or consortium, this is why we love and use Craft—a content management system that feels like a trip to the spa—for you and for your website.

Are you unable to make changes to your website because you don’t know HTML or CSS?

With Craft, no knowledge of HTML is needed making for a simple editing experience.

Are you running an old version of your CMS because of a plugin that’s now defunct?

If your site was built incorporating a specific plugin, and those plugins haven’t been updated, it means your site is stuck in the dark ages. Craft is not dependent on plugins; all the functionality you need is native to Craft, meaning you’ll never have to purchase or rely on third-party plugins.

Do you feel limited by what kind of content you can add and your options for where to add it?

With Craft, you can drag and drop all kinds of content including text, video, photos, quotes and more—wherever you want—to look exactly how you want. You have a vast amount of freedom for a flexible and empowering experience.

Does editing images take forever and cause you stress?

Most CMSs don’t allow you to edit images in the editor itself. Craft does. And it’s so simple. Crop, rotate, flip or resize images without opening Photoshop.

Afraid you’ll break something?

Fear not! With Craft, you can’t access templates or style sheets—plus, the state-of-the-art live preview feature shows you exactly what the the page will look—in real time, before you publish it, so you can’t mess it up.

Live in fear of being hacked?

If your site has been hacked before, you know what a potentially-disastrous situation it is. WordPress is the Microsoft of CMSs and accordingly, is a huge target for hackers. It’s reliance on third-party plugins can also put your site at risk. Craft CMS has no such dependencies. This is why numerous corporations, government and financial institutions use it. Since 2012, Craft sites have only had 8 minor security issues while WP has had over 1500.

Want to know you’re doing a good job with SEO?

Craft makes it easy. By creating important SEO fields and populating them with relevant keywords and terms, Craft automatically makes your site more findable by search engines. Want to go above and beyond with SEO? Craft makes that easy, too. Moz, the leading expert in SEO has chosen Craft for their own site—enough said!

We want updating your website to be a pleasure! Just like a trip to the spa.

Gratifying. Soothing. Relaxing. Fun. Stress-free. Calming. Pleasant.

Imagine if these were words you could use to describe your website-updating experience. They can be! With its clean, elegant interface, making updates via Craft is truly like a trip to the spa.

Can you smell the eucalyptus? Inhale. Now, exhale.

Together, we can make your website a fount of relaxation and enjoyment.

Let’s work together

You deserve a confident, enjoyable experience updating your website. And your users deserve the most up-to-date information. We can help you achieve both. To talk about how Craft could work for your organization please contact us.

—Jim Woodman
Founder & Director of User Experience


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