Dec 13, 2019 / Jim Woodman

Good Crop, Bad Crop—don't lose your head over website images

Are you tired of chopping off people's heads? Does sizing, cropping and adjusting your website images feel like an exercise in frustration?

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If your web images are zapping your joie de vivre, or they’re making your site bulky and slow for your viewer—or both—I have just the solution for you. Guess what? It’s Craft CMS. Awesome for so many reasons, one of which is its seamless image functionality.

Here’s why you’ll love how your Craft website handles images:

Massive, bulky, slow images, no more.

Do you take pictures with your iPhone, then upload them? Do people send pictures for you to add to the website? Most of the time, these images are huge—and you may not even realize it—until it starts to slow down your site. Cell phones take enormous photos if you didn't know!

Just because you change the pixels, doesn’t mean you change the file size! Changing the dimensions of a 5MB image still leaves you with an image that’s 5MB (just with smaller dimensions).

Luckily Craft CMS auto-magically resizes your image and file size so you don’t have to worry about manually resizing your images and potentially slowing down your page. Remember, speed is everything! Especially now that most people are viewing websites via phones and relying on often-weak cellular networks.

GIF, JPG or PNG, no problem! Not sure which format to use? Don’t worry. Craft knows—based on field or gallery-type—which type of image is best-suited for a particular place. It will automatically convert your image to that format. Piece of cake.

Focal point made simple. An image might look great on your computer monitor, but when you view it from your phone, you realize it’s chopping someone’s head off. Not great marketing etiquette, right? With a Craft website, you can choose your focal point, so no matter which device your audience is viewing from, they’ll see the most important part of the image.

SEO-ease. With Craft CMS, we can also make it easy to add alt-text and captions to your images which will improve both SEO and accessibility.

Built-in image editor. Craft’s built-in image editor allows you to crop and resize images manually prior to upload. You’ll never need to open another image editor such as Photoshop!

All of this image-magic is done without any third-party integrations. It’s all native to Craft. Everything you need, in one place.

Let’s work together

If you’re ready to have a website where uploading, resizing and integrating images lets you exhale, let’s get Crafty.

—Jim Woodman
Founder & Director of User Experience

P.S. Want to learn more about why we only use Craft for website design? Here’s why Craft will make your website a pleasure.


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