Feb 11, 2020 / Jim Woodman

Worry about your website being hacked? Fear not!

You’ve got a lot of responsibility at your job. Whether you’re at a consortium, association, library or nonprofit, maintaining a website isn’t your only duty.

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You’ve also got to ensure this website’s security! For your organization’s sake—and most of all, for your members’ sake.

Ultimately it’s your job to keep your clients’ information secure—and I know you don’t take this responsibility lightly.

But with constant headlines about hackers (and perhaps some attempts on your site already) security can come with fear and uncertainty—especially as hackers get smarter and security needs evolve.

Your clients and constituents trust you with their data. Are you doing what’s necessary to protect them?

You need to protect your community and clients from hackers. This need becomes even more important when your community has:

  1. Many members
  2. Many website editors
  3. Password protected areas with lots of sensitive content
  4. Forms that need spam control

Guess what? With Clearpeak, you don’t have to worry about website security. You can feel confident that you’re doing everything that needs to be done to protect your site, its data, and your clients.

Here’s how we ensure the most secure website for your organization:

All of our websites are built with Craft. At Clearpeak, we choose Craft CMS to build our websites because it’s the most secure option for our clients.

Here’s why we love Craft for security:

  • Craft doesn’t rely on third-party add-ons. Many CMSs such as WordPress rely on third-party add-ons and this can make them vulnerable to attack. All of Craft’s core functionality is native and available right out of the box.
  • Craft flies under the radar of hackers. WordPress is like the Microsoft of the CMS world. Because it’s used by so many people (35% of the internet), it’s often a target for hackers. Why? Because they can write one malicious code—and it will work for 60 million websites on the web. This means a bigger payoff and more motivation for hackers.
  • Craft stays secure with just one click. Craft is easy to keep updated and secure—with just one click.
  • Craft is built on open-source platforms but it’s not open to all. Craft is a commercial product that has a dedicated team to ensure its ongoing security.
  • Many high-profile, security-focused organizations choose Craft. Craft is used by Netflix, Citibank, Lending Tree, Verizon and the US State Department among many others.

At Clearpeak, we’re proactive about keeping your website updated. Our service agreements include regular security updates, so nothing falls through the cracks. So when you work with us, you’ll know the site we deliver will be safe—and that it will continue to be safe.

If you’re a membership organization of any sort, or you have a website where clients share sensitive information, we know how important security is for you. Let us take the security burden away—and ensure your website looks and functions beautifully while helping you achieve your goals.

Let’s work together

At Clearpeak, we will combine our design expertise and strategy with Craft CMS to empower and secure your organization online. To talk about how Craft could work for your organization please contact us.

—Jim Woodman
Founder & Director of User Experience


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