About Us

At Clearpeak we are passionate about building websites that are engaging and dynamic with no distractions. Our driving mantra is simplicity in everything we do. On each project we strive for two simple goals: top quality work and the best possible customer service. We truly love our clients and we value and enjoy the long term relationships we have developed in our seven years of doing business.

Clearpeak is a smart, nimble team

Jim Woodman is Founder and Director of User Experience at Clearpeak. Jim has a background in Library Science and Anthropology and built his first website in 1995 for the library where he worked. Since then he has worked as a Web designer at Harvard University, Boston College and Fidelity Investments before founding Clearpeak in 2007.

Happily Distributed

We are a close but distributed team of professionals with many years of combined experience in information architecture, visual design, CMS implementation, custom programming, and Web hosting. We work distributed because we believe people work best when they are happy and where they want to be, near family and friends. In addition, working remotely allows us to work with the best people in the world regardless of where they live.